Gross Spiders and Cute Kids

This landed on Mary’s book while she was reading yesterday:

I kill a lot of bugs and spiders in our house,  and a few are interesting enough to deserve a portrait before meeting their demise. This little guy looks like it’s half scorpion, half spider. (The book is At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson. I strongly recommend it.)

A couple of kids improved their grades in my class today:

Flattering, but someone needs to teach Alia the word “hyperbole.”

Do I care that they were obviously made in two minutes right before PE started? No.


2 responses to “Gross Spiders and Cute Kids

  1. Jeanne Schultz Afuvai

    The spider not so much but the kids! Yeah!!!! Happy, happy birthday. Haouli La Hanau! That’s Hawaiian – I don’t remember the Samoan version. Guess you have found a new profession! Either recording spiders for the archives or teaching PE! Continue to have fun – each year is precious. Aloha, Auntie Jeanne and Uncle Li’a

  2. I am praying the Japanese earthquake has not caused a Samoan tsunami

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