Cyclone Wilma and the Monsoonal Trough

Cyclone Wilma has passed the southern islands of Fiji without causing much trouble and is now over open ocean. It’s expected to weaken to a tropical storm before making landfall again on the North Island of New Zealand.

Tonga is dealing with more property damage than American Samoa, but fortunately there have been no deaths or serious injuries.

Here are a few news stories from around the South Pacific:

Tropical Cyclone Wilma passes, no major damage to American Samoa

Monsoonal trough extends hazardous conditions over the islands

Heavy weather continues in the territory

Major destruction on Tonga’s Ha’apai from Cyclone Wilma

Tonga begins clean-up after Wilma hits

Yesterday’s monsoonal trough storm caused nearly as much damage as Wilma did. It’s expected to hang around for a few more days, causing intermittent heavy rain and high wind, but probably nothing as severe as we got yesterday. The only damage I’ve seen in our neighborhood is a few small trees blown down (including our papaya) and branches and trash scattered around.

I opened the local paper this morning hoping to get some more news on the damage to other parts of the island, but their reporting was frustratingly vague: “some” homes and business damaged, “several” mudslides, etc. Clean up has begun in earnest and power has been restored almost everywhere in the territory.

School is closed for another day. The weather is fine- a little light rain and breeze- but Ashley said the streets around Pacific Horizons are impassable. I’m not surprised. If we get anything more than a light sprinkle, I drive through axle-deep water on my way to work.

I’m not looking forward to another boring day at home. I’ve hardly left the house since I got home from work on Friday and cabin fever is setting in. As tempting as it is to go for a drive and see the storm’s effects up close, I think I’ll wait until things have calmed down a little more. I do have one trip planned: depositing my check at the bank and paying the bill for our internet service. Should be pretty exciting!


4 responses to “Cyclone Wilma and the Monsoonal Trough

  1. By all means, pay the Internet bill — we’d hate to have you offline!

  2. Jeanne Schultz Afuvai

    Your blogging has been great and I am sure many people have had their fears subside a little. You have found a new profession!
    I meant to ask – what are you teaching at the high school. I knew you were baseball couch but forgot about the classroom side of your job.
    Lee and family wanted me to tell you thank you for keeping us informed.

  3. Thanks for the kind words- I’m glad I could help spread the news that Wilma wasn’t as vicious as she could have been. It was also nice to have something to do besides sitting around and watching the wind blow!
    I teach PE at an elementary school, as well as spending a few hours a week as a teacher’s aide in the combined kindergarten/1st grade class. I haven’t done any baseball coaching yet because the little league season ended just before we got here, but I’ve talked to a few guys about getting into it when they start back up again.

  4. Michelle O'Connor

    I am glad to hear that the storm has settled. I know that you are not much of a couch potato and it must be frustrating for you. You have become an excellent writer and maybe something that you should pursue. Your blog is not only informative, but entertaining as well.
    Love, Mom

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