Pictures From Mary’s Birthday and Super Bowl Sunday

Mary’s birthday afternoon at Tisa’s Barefoot Bar:

Super Bowl party at Turner’s house:

Just another great weekend in American Samoa!


4 responses to “Pictures From Mary’s Birthday and Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Jeanne Schultz Afuvai

    Looks like a great time! What a game – Packers all the way! I don’t remember if we told you about Vailima beer from Western Samoa but it’s brewed the old German way from the time when the Germans were looking to colonize Samoa. We have always enjoyed a bottle or two. Couldn’t make out the brand in your hand. Glad that Mary had a good birthday! Thinking of you guys!

  2. Oh yes, we’ve had plenty of Vailima. The beer in that picture is Tausala, which is a Chinese beer re-labeled for export to American Samoa. Someone once told me what the Samoan word “tausala” means in English, but I’ve forgotten. Turner had a fridge full of Tausala so that’s what we drank even though Vailima is much tastier.

  3. I’m continuing to enjoy the blog. My first trip is this Monday, and my boss told me he’s taking me to Tisa’s next weekend to introduce me to Vailima. Maybe I’ll see you there!

  4. susette lansing

    You Guys Look Great! and happy.

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