Cyclone Wilma: 8:00am

We’re still here. So is Wilma. The rain has picked up quite a bit. The wind has become somewhat stronger but still doesn’t seem to be doing any serious damage, at least not in our neighborhood.

The satellite image from just before 8am local time shows the storm sort of hovering and changing shape. Anytime it wants to start moving again is fine by me.

In a little while I’m going to call Nate and Kelly to see if their cable is working. If it is, I’ll be walking up to their place (only about 50 yards from ours) to watch Packers-Bears at 9.

A lot of people seem to be reading my blog today for the first time after doing a search for Cyclone Wilma. If you’ve got family or friends in the area and can’t get in touch with them, just know that the storm might be strong enough to temporarily disable a cell tower or two, but I’d be shocked if it causes any deaths or serious injuries unless it gets quite a bit stronger.


2 responses to “Cyclone Wilma: 8:00am

  1. Good to hear from you. I hope you get to watch the game — the number of Packer fans I know who are watching it during a hurricane: one.

  2. I am happy to hear you are still ok. According to the national weather sx in Pago Pago, the storm has been upgraded to a hurricaine. Your blog is listed on the top of the list for storm in Samoa. That is why you are getting so many hits.

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