Another Day on ‘Aunu’u

The most common search engine terms that bring people to this blog have to do with ‘Aunu’u Island.  Since I always try to give the people what they want, here are some pictures from yesterday’s trip to ‘Aunu’u with Joe and Sarah:

Our ferry captain this time was only 14 years old- but he said he had three years’ experience at the helm of his family’s boat.

I always feel like I’m smiling when I have my picture taken…

Cooling off after a long, hot walk through the rainforest.

A petrel at Ma’ama’a Cove.  The were flying really low over my head for a little while and I got a great look at them.  Of course, they started flying higher when I got the camera out.  They have about a 2-3 foot wingspan and are very graceful fliers.


One response to “Another Day on ‘Aunu’u

  1. The photo of the two of you is great!

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