More Video: Blowholes and Puppy

The blowholes along the walk to one of our favorite snorkeling spots, Airport Beach:

The walk from the parking spot to where we snorkel is about a mile, and almost all of it features these incredible lava rack formations and blowholes.  I shot this when the waves were about average height.  Sometimes they’re so big we can’t even make it to the beach.

While snorkeling earlier that day, Mary and I saw our first sea turtle.  It looked like this:

(Image stolen from National Park of American Samoa website)

Here’s our puppy, Palolo, playing with an empty coconut shell:

The other dog in the video is named Avi.  Kelly, her owner, is back in the States right now with her boyfriend Alden (of Filipino Cured Pork fame).  The guy housesitting at Alden’s place is technically taking care of Avi, but she’s decided she wants to live at our house instead.  She’s a very sweet dog and we don’t mind having her around at all.  Palolo is going to be pretty sad when Kelly gets back and Avi isn’t hanging around our yard all day.


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