Sometimes It’s Beautiful, Sometimes It’s Disgusting

I don’t know what’s going on with our internet connection.  One day it doesn’t work at all, the next it’s just as fast as it was back home.  Today I’m taking advantage by posting a few videos.

Here’s one from our last trip to ‘Aunu’u:

One from Sliding Rock:

And a video of our most recent (and biggest) termite swarm.  Don’t watch this one if you’re squeamish about bugs:

Sorry about turning the camera sideways there.  I guess I’m more accustomed to taking still photos than video.



2 responses to “Sometimes It’s Beautiful, Sometimes It’s Disgusting

  1. Love the new pics the dog is cute the termites i don’t know if i can handle that. yuk! overall adventure looks like a lifetime of memories! Hope you and Mary have a Merry Christmas and have fun! We are Missing you and thinking of you! Love you Sue

  2. We get termite swarms on our hot, humid evenings in Hawaii, too. Turn off all the lights as soon as you see the 1st one. Hunker down and enjoy the peace and quiet and within a half hour or so, they should move on to a lit area. Some people just give up and close up the house tightly (so they’re aren’t as many wings on the window screens the next morning) and go out to a movie or dinner. Not sure if this works with Samoan termites or not, but it may be worth a try. Hopefully you won’t have as many in your new house, but we have them everywhere here regardless of termite damage in the wood.

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