How’s the Weather?

Pretty dang nice, thanks for asking.

Just to make all you frozen Minnesotans and Wisconsinites jealous, a few shots from our day at Larson’s Cove.


2 responses to “How’s the Weather?

  1. Michelle O'Connor

    Hi! To answer your question…the weather is crappy. It rained all day and is supposed to turn to snow overnight.
    I finally got a few minutes to myself to check out the blog. What and adventure! Do you ever pinch yourself to see if its real? The puppy is adorable. It sounds like the garden is coming along well. I wish I could come for a visit, but have to pay for the rest of my remodeling project, dental work, and a new vehicle.
    I am sorry I missed your phone call on Thanksgiving. I was celebrating with friends and had left my phone in the entry way.
    Please say hi to Mary and I love both of you.

  2. Ryan – your pictures look so nice. If you kill off all the vegetation, replace the sand with snow, drastically cut back on the sun, and of course drop the temp about 80 degrees it would be just like here.

    Just back from Bill’s 80th birthday party. Saw your dad there. It was a lot of fun to see everyone. You and Mary were missed.

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