Thanksgiving, Tomatoes, and Bananas

Maybe that breadfruit tree isn’t the problem- our internet connection seems fine today.

This Thanksgiving it was too hot to cook the traditional turkey, so we went and cooled off at Sliding Rock with Lisa, Joe, and Sarah.  Afterward they came over to our house for dinner.  Joe and Sarah brought some barbecue chicken, Lisa brought a broccoli casserole,  and Mary made some roasted brussels sprouts and a pumpkin pie.  I grilled some wahoo (a local variety of tuna) and some potatoes.

It was a delicious meal, and it was a lot of fun to be able to cook and eat Thanksgiving dinner outdoors with bare feet.

My garden is coming along pretty well.  The topsoil in our yard is about two inches deep so all of my plants will have to stay in pots.

We’ve had fresh tomatoes almost every day for over a week, and plenty of basil too.  The eggplants got off to a slow start but they seem to be getting perkier.  The one on the far right is a decoy-  the neighborhood dogs pee in whatever I have at the end of the row, so I put some dirt and a stick in an extra pot to give them a target that isn’t one of my plants.

It’s not much of a garden by Midwestern standards, but it’s my first attempt and I’m really happy with how well things grow here.

We harvested one of our banana trees yesterday.  Each tree only produces one bunch of bananas, so you cut the whole thing down.

Banana plants are really soft and not woody at all.  It only took one swipe with the machete to take it down.

Soon a new plant will start to grow from the stump and produce another bunch of bananas in about a year.  Here are some that were cut down a few months ago:

The last step is hanging up the bunch where bats, rats, and birds can’t get to it:


4 responses to “Thanksgiving, Tomatoes, and Bananas

  1. How long will it take the bananas to get ripe?

  2. I don’t know. I just hope they don’t all get ripe at the same time because there are way more than we can eat if they do!

  3. People here actually eat way more green bananas than yellow bananas. When they are still green, they are boiled, and serve as an excellent substitute for potatoes.

  4. Rhonda Schroeder

    Wow, you guys are starting to look like you belong there, enjoy your adventure, wish we could visit, Love you!

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