Termites, Softball, and Puppy

Mary and I were having a quiet evening at home on Wednesday when we started hearing tapping sounds on the kitchen lights.  We turned around to see thousands of winged termites flying in our house.

Regular wood-eating termites don’t have wings, but every so often a colony will produce a batch of winged termites who swarm around looking for place to start new colonies.  They covered every bit of our kitchen and laundry room, and we got quite a few inside our clothes.  Since they were attracted to light, we turned on the patio light, turned off everything inside the house, and opened the front door.

You can see some geckos on the white trim around the door.  They were having a feast.  I sprayed the termites with Raid as they swarmed under the light.  The whole ordeal was over within about 15 minutes but it was pretty exciting.

My softball season ended on a low note this week.  Because of the way they rescheduled games that had been rained out, we had four games in two days on Thursday and Friday.  I was really looking forward to that, but on Tuesday I sprained the heck out of my ankle playing soccer with one of my PE classes.  It’s still pretty swollen and painful so all I could do at the games was coach third base.  We won two out of four to bring our final record to 4-11.  Not very good, but it was a really fun season.

Aside from making new friends and the fun of playing the games, one of my favorite things about softball here was the stadium.  This is what the center fielder gets to see:

Regardless of our poor record, I will always be able to say that I was the best left-hand throwing third baseman in the Panamex Pacific American Samoa Coed Softball League in 2010.

We decided to keep our puppy.  We realized that if were going to give her away, we needed to have done it weeks ago.  She’s very comfortable here and is as attached to us as we are to her, but she’s still extremely scared of everyone except Mary and I.  She’ll get over that eventually but it would break our hearts to see her go live with someone she’s terrified of.  This is what she looks like now, at the age of (we think) 8 weeks or so:

The biggest challenge, aside from the fact that puppies in general are little tornadoes of destruction, will be transporting her back to the mainland.  We’ve talked to some people who have done it and they say it’s possible but difficult and expensive.

We’ve named her Palolo.  For those of you who haven’t heard that Samoan word before, I’ll have a whole post about it sometime in the next few days.


One response to “Termites, Softball, and Puppy

  1. Jeanne Schultz Afuvai

    So glad you kept the puppy – she actually looks happy now! Interested in Palolo meaning – It’s a neighborhood in Honolulu but I never checked on what the word meant.
    We have winged termites in Hawaii but I have NEVER seen a swarm like that! When we had the light on in the swimming pool we would turn it on and they would gravitate to it and and drown!

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