Sliding Rock

Last Sunday we went with some friends and their kids to a place on the west coast of the island called Sliding Rock.  The lava rock formations are really cool and there’s a big, deep tidepool full of little neon fish.  Mary took over as photographer for the day.  I’ll let her pictures speak for themselves.

When we were leaving we finally saw our first humpback whale!  It was about 200 yards offshore.  It came up and blew out of its blowhole three times.  Then we saw its tail completely out of the water, which even experienced whale-watchers don’t get to see very often.  The whales are starting to migrate north right now so it was great to see one before we missed our chance.


2 responses to “Sliding Rock

  1. What beautiful pictures the water is so clear and blue. So happy to be enjoying this blog along with everyone else. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us.

  2. Jeanne Schultz Afuvai

    Great that you got to see the whales! If you can, rent the movie “Whalerider”. You would definitely enjoy it while in Samoa.

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