Two Weeks Later: Healthy Puppy



Our puppy has improved much more in two weeks than I had thought was possible.  Her fleas and other skin problems are gone- all she needs to do now is grow her hair back.  Her belly has filled out and she’s eating nothing but regular puppy food.  If she has any internal parasites left she’s not showing any symptoms.

Although she’s much more comfortable around us now, she’s still a little skittish.  If I’m sitting on the couch she might approach me and roll over for a tummy rub, but if I walk across the room towards her she still runs away.

All in all, not bad for two weeks.  The problem now is that, having rescued her from the brink of death, we’ve naturally become very attached to her.  Giving her up to a new family is going to be really difficult.


2 responses to “Two Weeks Later: Healthy Puppy

  1. Jeanne Schultz Afuvai

    What a cute puppy. You have done a wonderful job bringing her back to health. I wish that the Samoan people would start treating animals better. This is one of many things that are hard for us to understand about the third world. Did you know the Tongans eat horses? There is a horse farm on Oahu that sells the horses for special celebrations. The cost is in the thousands.
    But back to the puppy – we may be greeting you at HIA next year and meeting a new member of the family!

  2. Yes, we are trying to decide right now whether to give her up or give her a name (naming her is the “point of no return”!).

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