New Puppy

We’re fostering another puppy.  This one came to us starving, mangey, and scared to death of people.  We weren’t even sure she’d make it through the first day.  We gave her a shot of antibiotics and she’s been on Ashley’s starving puppy diet: evaporated milk, raw egg, and a little bit of sugar.  After three days she’s looking much healthier but she still doesn’t want anything to do with us.

Our last foster puppy was healthy and ready to go to a new home when we got her, and she was gone after only four days.  It looks like we’re going to have this one a little longer, which is fine by me.  Once she starts feeling better I hope we can help her get over her fear of people.


One response to “New Puppy

  1. Jeanne Schultz Afuvai

    So Sweet. I think it’s wonderful that you are helping these little furry creatures. Do you name them or wait for the new families to do that?

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