Best Weekend Ever: Sunday

EDIT:  Somehow, when I originally wrote this, I thought we had been in Fagasa.  We were actually at Amalau, another, smaller village on the north side of the island.  It may not matter for those of you who will never visit American Samoa, but I apologize for the mistake.  The text has been corrected.

After the events of Friday and Saturday we truly needed a day of rest.  Our choices for the afternoon were watching movies on the couch or going to Amalau, a remote beach on the north side of the island. What would you do?

The chief of the the tiny village of Amalau was very generous about letting us use the beach and the village’s fale (traditional Samoan houses).

Very few people on Tutuila actually live in fale anymore, but many families keep one in their yard.  Fale are still used as dwellings on the smaller islands and in the Nation of Samoa (also known as Western Samoa- it has the same culture and language but has been an independent country since 1962).  There are two basic types of fale on Tutuila.  The kind you see here would probably be used for family gatherings, picnics, a guest room, or just a nice place to take a nap on a hot afternoon.  Bigger and fancier fale are used for large gatherings and ceremonies.

Charlie, Alexander and Genoveva went scuba diving.  That’s something I’d love to try, but Amalau isn’t a good place to learn.  The current was so strong that I had to give up on snorkeling after only a few minutes.

Alexander telling Numa, First Mate in the Swiss Navy, about his dive.

Since I couldn’t snorkel, I just enjoyed the view.


One response to “Best Weekend Ever: Sunday

  1. Amazing pictures, Ryan! You guys really are experiencing an entirely different world over there, aren’t you?! How exciting! I’m envious, especially knowing another “lovely” MN winter is just around the corner for some of us 🙂

    Take care –

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