Best Weekend Ever: Friday

This past weekend was so much fun that it’s taken me until Thursday to write about it.

On Friday our neighbor Alden invited us and a few other folks over to sample some homemade beer he’d brewed.  The beer was pretty good, but the most memorable thing about the evening was Alden’s skill as a host and chef.  He spent most of the evening in the kitchen cooking, and everything he made was incredibly tasty.

The highlight was simply called Filipino cured pork.  It didn’t start out looking very appetizing- just a frozen block of little pieces of raw, marinated pork meat and fat in a big ziplock bag.  He put it in a frying pan with some water and half an hour later our minds were blown.  Imagine thick chunks of barbecued bacon, crispy on the edges, tender in the middle, a little bit sweet, slightly tangy.  Sounds good, right?  It was better than that.  The Nobel Prize Committee needs to create a new category for the Filipino grandma who makes this stuff for Alden.  I’m a little tempted to start a new blog that’s just about how delicious Filipino cured pork is, but a thousand poets writing for a thousand years could not begin to describe the ecstasy.

And there were bats.  (No, we didn’t eat them, although that’s popular with some Samoans.)  Alden has a big cage outside his house with huge fruit bats living in it.  He’s a marine biologist specializing in sea turtles, but I got the impression that somehow rehabilitating injured bats is part of his job too.  Or it might just be a hobby.  One of the bats has been raised by humans since it was a newborn and is as cuddly as a housecat.  A housecat with two-foot-long leathery wings.


2 responses to “Best Weekend Ever: Friday

  1. I’m curious to know if Mary ate the pork. The “when in Rome” approach to vegetarianism makes sense to me here.

    The pet bats are intriguing! Do they have names?

  2. great to hear from you. and great to hear its going so well, and you’re a writer now.
    lets talk soon dude.


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