Alexander’s photos

Alexander gave me a cool gift this week:  two discs containing hundreds of photos he’s taken here in in American Samoa.  He takes more pictures than I do and he’s a great photographer.

A good view of our neighborhood, taken from Alexander’s front door:

The dog in the foreground (Suka) and the one in the back (Mele) are the friendliest dogs on our street, and the “alpha dogs” of our neighborhood pack.  There are a few mean dogs on our street but Suka and Mele chase them away if they catch them in our yard or if they bark at us when we’re walking.

Some pictures from ‘Aunu’u:

Taro plantation on ‘Aunu’u:

‘Aunu’u power plant:

This boat seems to be floating on air:

Here’s an amazingly detailed view of Pago Pago Harbor using the panoramic feature on Alexander’s camera.  Click on it for the full-size version.  It may take a while to load, depending on your connection speed.

A church in (I think) Utulei:

A typical Samoan bus:

These buses are everywhere and are a great way to get around.  They don’t have a schedule or much of a fixed route; they have the name of their home village in the front window and go back and forth between that village and Pago Pago.  You pay the fare when you get off based on how far you’ve gone.  Short rides are $1 and you can get from one end of the island to the other for less than $4.  All the buses have booming stereo systems- you hear them before you see them.

The Samoan word for these buses is aiga, which is also the word for family.  I don’t know if the call them that because they’re family-owned or because people sit on each other’s laps when the bus gets crowded.

Faga’alu Park about to get rained on:

Rainmaker Mountain is the one you can’t see behind the rain in this photo.  Something about its shape and location causes any passing cloud to pour down onto the island.

These pictures were taken within two blocks of our house:


2 responses to “Alexander’s photos

  1. Jeanne Schultz Afuvai

    Great shots! Lee’s village is at the foot of Rainmaker Mountain so you can imagine how much rain they get! Glad you got the alpha dogs on your side!

  2. I was searching images for Samoan dogs (I know, shocking) and came across the 2nd photo above and thought, “hey, I know that dog!” Love it! And I love that it’s got everyone in it…Suka, Meli, Mama Dog, Club Tail and Moe (before she disappeared). Miss you neighbors!

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