Mr. Lansing, Gym Teacher?

That’s right, I’m going to be teaching Physical Education at an elementary school.  It happened so quickly!  It’s certainly the last thing I expected when we got on the airplane in Milwaukee.

Yesterday I got an email from my neighbor/softball teammate Ashley saying  the school she works at is desperate for a PE teacher and she had suggested me to the school’s director.  “I have absolutely no experience or qualification to do that!” says I.  “We’re desperate, and you showed me how to hold my softball glove so the ball stays in when I catch it!” says she.

So I emailed the director of the school and mentioned that I was once a Special Ed. teacher’s aide and part of that was helping in gym class.  I guess that was good enough.  I had an interview this afternoon and I start on Tuesday.

Pacific Horizons is a small private school where a lot of people from the States send their kids.  Alexander and Genoveva’s daughter goes there.  Kevin’s wife is a teacher there and his son is a student, although I’ve barely met either of them.  There are four elementary classes of about 15 students and I’ll have each of them twice a week for 45 minutes as well as supervising recess.  That adds up to less than 20 hours per week, which leaves me plenty of time to hike and hang out on the beach and post pictures about it on this blog.

When my high school guidance counselor had me fill out those career aptitude/interest tests, I’m sure “Gym Teacher” was somewhere between “Theoretical Mathematician” and “Trapeze Artist”.  I always knew those tests were useless.  I’m really nervous about doing something so unlike anything I’ve done before.  I’m also nervous about being the responsible adult in a situation where little kids can get concussions.  But I think I’ll be fine once I get over the initial jitters.  It should be a lot of fun.  You know that old saying: “Fourth-graders are just like bears- they’re more afraid of you than you are of them.”


8 responses to “Mr. Lansing, Gym Teacher?

  1. Wow! Ain’t life weird? I think this is great news — you’ll be the gym teacher everybody remembers at the reunions! You’ll be great and I expect there will be a pitcher in the Major Leagues about ten years from now who went to Pacific Horizons school in 2010. Good luck!

  2. Ryan, have confidence in yourself!!! You can do this!!! Pretend these kids are all of your cousins and you are teaching them how to play games. You will be great!!! Neil and I think this is a perfect fit for you. I always wanted to teach phy ed. You fortunate young man, you!! We are praying for you and Mary. Love your pictures!!! Keep them coming!! I start work on Tuesday too. I am a special ed. Paraprofessional at Centennial High School.
    Pray that the Lord gives you the confidence you need to teach these kids. You will be fantastic, we know you will!!
    Love and Prayers, Mary and Neil

  3. You have now joined the long line of teachers in Mary’s family…Aunt Aggie, Aunt Marie, cousins Jane, Judy, Stephanie. Rachel…..or as it is often called, the Family Business! Have fun Ryan and the kids will too!
    PS: love your pictures
    Cousin Penny

  4. Wonderful! You will be a great influence on the kids! And, you still get time to explore. Have you found Aua yet?

  5. That is really great! You really need to go with just an initial. I had Mr V in grammer school. He was tough, had a whistle and an unlit cigar stub in his mouth. Mr. L does not sound tough enough.

  6. Mr. Nathan Tredinnick

    I’d say your allowed maybe three concussions a month. If you observe this quota, your career will be a home run.

  7. Mr. Nathan Tredinnick

    …we, you’re. Not your. This coffee is killing me here.

  8. Hey – I’ve been enjoying your blog. This is great – I bet it’s a lot of fun. Hopefully you’re not making them try to climb a rope up to the top of the gym! That was always the worst.

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