Larson’s Cove, Tisa’s again

More tropical paradise stuff.  Maybe I should be saving some of this for winter for you guys.

Saturday we went to Larson’s Cove on the southwest corner of the island.  Like everything else here, it’s three miles from our house as the crow flies, but to get there takes a half hour of driving on crowded streets, a half hour of driving on off-road trails (which I did in a ’96 Mercury Villager minivan), and an hour of hiking on muddy paths through the rainforest and a banana plantation.  It’s worth it- it would be worth it even if it was twice as hard to get to.

Larson’s Cove is an inlet about three acres in size surrounded by steep cliffs.  The sand is perfect, the water is calm, and the reef is beautiful.

Some of us hiked about a mile west to the next inlet.  Not great for swimming or snorkeling but the cliffs and rock formations were incredible.

When we got back, I went swimming and met some Samoan teenagers who were jumping off of some rocks into the deeper water near the reef break.  I decided to give it a try.

The jump was fun, but I only did it once because the climb up the cliff was pretty rough on my soft Midwestern feet.

Sunday we went to Tisa’s.  I took more pictures this time.

The best meal on the island- fresh swordfish steak and banana fries:


One response to “Larson’s Cove, Tisa’s again

  1. Maybe this should be named “Lansing’s Cove” Who was Larson?

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