We’re finally here!

After a year of waiting and planning and a frantic month of packing and traveling, we’ve finally arrived in American Samoa.  We got in on Thursday night and spent the weekend settling into our new home, exploring our neighborhood, and meeting a few of the other pelangi (non-natives from the mainland).

Having spent my whole life in the Upper Midwest, it’s a bit of a shock to think that for the next year I’ll be surrounded by coconut trees, jungle-covered mountains, and the vast Pacific Ocean.  I’ll probably get homesick at some point but right now I’m just excited to explore the island and get to know the culture.

Mary is at her first day of work today.  We’ll have some more posts up soon, hopefully with pictures.  I tried to upload some photos onto this post but our internet connection is extremely slow today.

p.s. – Those of you hoping for a report on toilets flushing in the opposite direction down here:  I was really disappointed to see that the one in our house shoots water into the bowl at an angle, forcing it to drain counter-clockwise.  As soon as I find a toilet that drains in the proper Southern Hemisphere direction, I’ll take a video and post it.


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